Marina Rules

Launch Canal Rules

1. All electricity must be turned off prior to the return of the boat to the boat slip or dry storage.
2. Bimini tops, antennas, outriggers, and lights must be taken down.
3. Lines must be secured to cleats.
4. Trim tabs must be up.

Safety on Property

It is very important that all marina users are aware of the location of the fire extinguishers.

Young children should always be in company of an adult and should wear suitable life-jackets when on board any boat

Marina customers should insure that their guests are aware of the safety regulations of the Marina

Dinghies or inflatables should not be used for recreational purpose within the property

Barbecues are not allowed aboard the boats in the Marina.

Environmental Policies

In accordance with the Clean Marina Program Requirements created by the Department of Environmental Protection, the Marina recycles your used oil, flares, and batteries for free. Please contact the Dockmaster for proper disposal.


Pets are not allowed on the Marina property. Owners who wish to carry their pet aboard their vessel should proceed directly to their boat and restrain their pet appropriately. Owners are responsible for any damage their pet causes. Pet waste must be picked up immediately and dispose of properly.


Fuel is available on the fuel dock during normal operational hours. Please do not leave fuel containers, gas bottles, or bins on the fuel docks. We do not allow refueling through bins or other fuel containers.

Trash Removal

Bins are provided along the docks, launch canal and wet slips. Do not dispose of batteries, oil cans, and flares into the regular garbage cans.

Repair & Maintenance

Boat owners are welcome to carry out minor repairs on their boats, subject to Marina terms.

Swimming, Diving & Fishing

Swimming, diving, and fishing are not permitted on the marina property.

Basin Depths

In general, the minimum depth at the entrance to the basin is 3’ at low tide and 5’ at high tide.


Water is a valuable resource in the Florida Keys and although the water usage is free to you, we appreciate your help in conserving this precious resource.


Insure that your boat is correctly moored and fendered, with proper bow and stern lines. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage resulting from inadequate moorings, particularly during stormy conditions.

Restrooms & Showers

Restrooms and showers are available continuously, except during daily cleaning times. We would appreciate your cooperation in keeping the bathrooms clean.

Dock Carts

Dock carts are provided for the convenience of all Marina customers. They should be returned to the parking place designated exclusively for the dock carts. Children are not allowed to ride in the dock carts.