Storage Rates

All storage fees are billed monthly and are due on the 1st of each month. A late fee of $20.00 will be charged if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. One month’s security deposit is required. The arrival month will be prorated. The departure month is not prorated. Fees are subject to change at any time. The security deposit can be used for the last month’s rent, refunded, or left on file from year to year.

Rates are based on overall length, including engines, platforms, and bow pulpits.

Rates are “plus tax” (7.5%).

Rates include unlimited ins and outs with the forklift, one free trailer job on arrival, one at departure. Trailer jobs (i.e., to go for service) during stay are flat rate of $100 for our storage customers. Please be sure to inform the Marina Office if you remove your boat from storage. We ask that you sign a “Final Launch” form upon your departure.

Tavernier Creek Marina is not equipped to handle sailboats.

Tavernier Creek Marina License Agreement
Wet Slips If Available $22/ft
Transient Wet Slips

Not available during holidays, weekends, and special events.

per nt
Barn 2

Accommodates boats up to 25 ft in length, with a maximum beam of 8½ ft. $275 min., 3 tiers.

no t-top$26/ft
w/ t-top
Barn 3

Accommodates boats up to 28 ft in length, with t-tops and a maximum beam of 8½ ft.
$375 min, 2 tiers.

Launch/Hauls (no tax)

Nonstorage customers
Storage customers

Outside Dry $22/ft
Wet Slips

Reserved for storage customers on holiday and special event weekends

Barn 4

Accommodates boats up to 32 ft in length, with a maximum beam of 9½ ft.
Largest rackable, $480 min, 2 tiers

Barn 5

Accommodates boats up to 36 ft in length, with beams wider than 9½ ft, and with towers and arches. 24-hour launch notice. $600 min

Trailer Storage $200/mth
Tavernier Creek Marina License Agreement